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The AIR research team and R + D + I

The mission of the AIR team is to develop research and development activities, providing innovative solutions in the field of our line of research.

The team has experience in carrying out research projects, which have resulted in technological developments and new knowledge which has been published in both national and international congresses and also in highly regarded international magazines (see publications)..

How can we become involved as a company?

One of the objectives of the Spanish government is for more and more companies to become involved in research, development and innovation, and for this reason a series of subsidies have been set up with the new reforms in taxation. The AIR team is open to the establishment of agreements with companies to participate in assemblies for which involvement in a research team is needed, if this is within the work lines of the team.

Company-University Commitments

If your company wishes to start a project with us with our lines of research, this will begin as soon as the relationship between the company/ies and the team is established, ased on the assemblies on which said relationship is grounded. The foreseen length of the project will depend on the landmarks which are sought although operating products will be developed at the end of each year whilst this is running.

Relationships between the industrial world and the university environment

In any project it is hoped that there will be results which will bridge the gap between the industrial world and universities, bringing the research results to companies (and nurturing the transfer of technology) as well as creating a framework for suitable collaboration to reach future agreements which will benefit both sides and society as a whole. These agreements must materialize in the establishment of a suitable framework for collaboration between companies in the region and our research team, thereby nurturing the technological innovation and research applied.

Transference and Technological Innovation

The operating right for the final product developed will depend on the relationship established between the company and the team to fund the project.

Benefits for your Company

The main benefit the research process can generate with a project is that it drives the generation/application of knowledge, techniques, methods and new developments which improve existing processes. Moreover, as benefits on a secondary level:

It improves the company image, as carrying out R + D+I activities makes us stand out amongst competing companies.

Taxation benefits, cwith the new reforms in taxation, one of the government objectives is for there to be more companies which are committed to research and development , and for this reason they have introduced a number of subsidies which may be taken advantage of.

Access to competitive R+D+I programmes, our team has a curriculum which enables it to access public assemblies.