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Develop your Doctoral Thesis with us

Carrying out a doctoral thesis means there is an opportunity to think, research and explore topics of scientific-practical interest in depth. For this reason making doctoral theses with the research topics the team is interested in are one of our main goals.

Why are you interested in doing your doctoral thesis?

The State Secretary for R+D+ I has started initiatives to stimulate the presence of researchers in companies, granting incentives for "Industrial Doctorates", which hope to capture talent and train doctors for companies and the 'Torres Quevedo' incentives which subsidize companies for hiring 200 doctors in the private sector.. A doctorate will make you stand out! it will give you skills and knowledge that are more and more in demand by private companies and it will help tell you apart from other candidates.

What we offer?

The AIR team will offer you support to make your doctoral thesis from the start, with the first decisions you must take about choosing a manager and as regards the thesis topic within our lines of research, until the end when you must present and defend your work.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested in making your thesis in our team, get in touch with us and we will have a meeting to show you the work proposed or to find you one that may interest you.