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Research lines:: E-Commerce

What does the AIR team propose to do?

Assessment, design and development of electronic trading businesses under the B2C or B2B paradigm which may be used for one or several companies to trade their products or services and which may be the same or different types.

Our developments for E-commerce include: catalogue of products, virtual assistants, advanced search engines based on fuzzy logic, virtual guides based on fuzzy logic.


For trading any product.


Simple with the current business models and technologies infrastructures.




Simplicity in the system maintenance process.


In processing purchasing transactions.

Organized in a hierarchy in which each product or service will be described by means of a set of representative features of it.

Which, as a shop assistant will help users describe the product or service they are looking for. This will be capable of analysing and understanding the descriptions given as inputs

According to the description given, from the catalogue it will compare and select those products/services which may be of most interest to the user.

To help the user debug the searches so as to look for products inside the catalogue.

Experience in the Line of research

Regarding the experience and previous achievements of the AIR research team, the research carried out within the framework of the research project entitled e-Pactos: Tools for E-Commerce - open platform has also been developed to enable electronic trading activities, applications and agents for using it, financed by the Science and Technology Council from the Community of Castilla-La Mancha with reference code PAC-06-0141, from the period January 2006 until December 2008. whose main researcher was professor Dr. J.J. Castro.

Collaborations made with the ANNA project must also be pointed out (Acquisition for Network of Negotiation Agents) financed by Hewlett Packard Research Labs (Bristol, England), whose main researcher was Prof. Dr. Nick Jennings.

The ideas, research and development of this topic have been published in national and international congresses and in highly regarded magazines. Moreover, a doctoral thesis on the topic has been made.