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Creation of the team

The research team Artificial Intelligence and Representation (AIR)  was set up in 2014 at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, and since then has been based at the Higher School of Computer science (ESI) ts purpose is to promote the study, design, development and practical application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in order to solve real problems within the framework of R + D + I with companies or with research projects, in which students at the ESI have the chance to collaborate and there is even a chance of making a doctoral thesis [see Collaborations with the AIR Team]

Researcher Training

AIR is made up of four doctors AIR is made up of four doctors who have developed their research at a range of national and international universities (DIRC (Digital Imaging Research Center de la Universidad de Kingston (London), RAI (Robots, Agents, and Interaction Group) at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands), SCCH (Software Competence Center Hagenberg), IAM  (Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group) at the University of Southampton,   Computer Vision (Computer Vision Group) at the University of Leeds, England, ,   IC (Computational Intelligence Team) de at the University of Granada) where they have collaborated with high standing experts (Paolo Remagnino,  Sergio Velastin , Gerhard Weiss, Bernhard Moser, Nigel Shadbolt, Nick Jennings, David Hogg, Xudong Luo y Juan Luis Castro) and with whom AIR remains in contact for project collaboration   [see AIR Team members]


Its members have experience in studying formalisms for representing knowledge and manipulating intelligence from them, with special emphasis on graphical representation of information in the context of augmented reality and optimizing the non-interactive rendering process, and development of learning systems, decision-making systems, knowledge-based systems, expert systems, multi-agent systems which are applied in a range of fields, especially electronic trading and video surveillance. It is in this line of research where the projects are developed [see The Lines of Research of the Team]

Participation in Projects

Within these lines the members of the AIR team have participated in Research projects funded by competitive public assemblies, or by means of R + D agreements signed by private institutions and whose results have been published in different national and international congresses and in magazines or books which are highly regarded in the field. The development of software and devices created is also noteworthy [see Results of the Research Team]