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2011 Publications

[J-JCR] Indexed Journa JCR, [J] non Indexed Journal, [NC] National Conference, [IC] International Conference, [C] Chapter book, [B] Book.
[J-JCR] J.J. Castro-Schez, R. Miguel, D. Vallejo, L.M. López-López . A Highly Adaptive Recommender System based on Fuzzy Logic for B2C e-Commerce Portals . Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 38, No. 3, 2441-2454, 2011. [IF: 2.2 ] - [link]
[IC] J.J. Castro-Schez, F. Jurado, M.A. Redondo . Proletool: Una Herramienta basada en Lenguajes Formales que Permite Trabajar con los Niveles Altos de la Taxonomía de Bloom . 2ş Taller sobre Ingeniería del Software en eLearning (ISELEAR'11), 51-66, ISBN: 978-84-649-73, Sept. 15-16, Madrid, Espańa, 2011.
[NC] D. Vallejo, C. Glez-Morcillo, J. Angulo, J. Albusac . Distributed Rendering of Images through Intelligent Task Distribution . 1st International Workshop on Advances on Distributed and Parallel Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence (DCG-AI 2011), Barcelona (Spain), pp. 242-247 - [link]
[NC] D. Vallejo, C. Glez-Morcillo, J. Albusac . Gaining Experience in Computer Graphics: Developing a 3D Content Creation Tool . International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED 2011), Valencia (Spain), pp. 3657-3664 - [link]
[J-JCR] D. Vallejo, J. Albusac, J.J. Castro-Schez, C. Glez-Morcillo, L. Jiménez . A Multi-Agent Architecture for Supporting Distributed Normality-based Intelligent Surveillance . Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier, 24(2):325-340 [IF: 1.625 ] - [link]
[J-JCR] Javier Albusac, David Vallejo, Jose Jesus Castro-Sanchez, L. Jimenez-Linares . OCULUS Surveillance System: Fuzzy On-Line Speed Analysis from 2D Images . Expert System with Applications, 38(10):12791-12806, Elsevier, 2011 [IF: 2.908 ] - [link]
[C] J. Albusac, J.J. Castro-Schez, D. Vallejo, L. Jimenez, and C. Glez-Morcillo . A Scalable Approach based on Normality Components for Intelligent Surveillance . Intelligent Paradigms in Safety and Security (Innovations in Defence Support Systems). Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 336. Eds. P. Remagnino, D. N. Monekosso and C. Lakhmi. ISBN: 978-3-642-18277-8. Springer. Febrero 2011 - [link]