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2013 Publications

[J-JCR] Indexed Journa JCR, [J] non Indexed Journal, [NC] National Conference, [IC] International Conference, [C] Chapter book, [B] Book.
[J-JCR] J.J. Castro-Schez, R. Miguel, V. Herrera, J. Albusac . Supporting Multi-Criteria Decisions Based on a Hierarchical Structure by Taking Advantage of Acquired Knowledge . Applied Soft Computing, Vol. 13, No. 1, 509-526, 2013. [IF: 2.61 ] - [link]
[J-JCR] J.J. Castro-Schez, J.M. Murillo, R. Miguel, X. Luo . Knowledge acquisition based on learning of maximal structure fuzzy rules . Knowledge-Based Systems, Vol. 44, 112-120, 2013. [IF: 4.1 ] - [link]
[NC] D. Vallejo, F.J. Villanueva, L.M. GarcĂ­a, C. Glez-Morcillo, J. Albusac . An agent-based approach to understand events in surveillance environments . SPUnd 2013 Workshop of 2013 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology, Atlanta, pp. 100-103 - [link]
[NC] F.J. Villanueva, J. Dondo, D. Villa, D. Vallejo, C. Mora, C. Glez-Morcillo, J.C. LĂłpez . Distributed Architecture for Efficient indoor localization and orientation . 2013 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE), pp 57-58. - [link]
[B] Javier Albusac, D. Vallejo, C. González-Morcillo . Informática en Grados de Ingeniería: Teoría y Ejercicios Resueltos . Bubok Publishing S.L., ISBN: 978-84-686-4285-7, 2013 - [link]