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2019 Publications

[J-JCR] Indexed Journa JCR, [J] non Indexed Journal, [NC] National Conference, [IC] International Conference, [C] Chapter book, [B] Book.
[IC] D. Vallejo, S. Sánchez, J. Albusac, J.J. Castro-Schez, and C. Glez-Morcillo . An Agent-based Approach to Physical Rehabilitation of Patients affected by Neurological Diseases . The 9th International Conference on Current and Future Trends of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare (ICTH 2019), pp. 346-353 - [link]
[IC] S. Sánchez, D. Vallejo, C. Glez-Morcillo, J.J. Castro-Schez, and J. Albusac . Towards Precision Rehabilitation for Neurological Diseases: A Data-Driven Approach to the Personalization of Exergames . UCAmI 2019 : International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence.
[IC] Cristian Gmez-Portes, Santiago Schez-Sobrino, María Á. García, Miguel Á. Redondo, Javier A. Albusac and Manuel Ortega . Aplicación de una metáfora flexible y extensible para la visualización de programas en el contexto del aprendizaje de la programación. . The 21st International Symposium on Computers in Education (SIIE), in Tomar, Portugal, from 21st to 23rd November 2019.
[IC] J.M. Fdez García Minguillán, J. Albusac, D. Vallejo, J.J Castro-Schez, C. Glez-Morcillo . A Novel Framework for Graph-Based Anomaly Detection . Practical Application to the Missing Trader Fraud. 2019 6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ICOAI 2019. December 18-20, Barcelona, Spain.
[IC] Santiago Schez-Sobrino, Maria Á. García, Cristian Gómez, David Vallejo, Carmen Lacave, Carlos Glez-Morcillo, Ana I. Molina, Javier A. Albusac and Miguel Á. Redondo . ANGELA: a novel approach of graphic notation based on the metaphor of road signs to facilitate the learning of programming . In 10th International Workshop on Software Engineering for E-learning (ISELEAR'19), León, 16-18 de Octubre de 2019.
[IC] Schez-Sobrino, S.; García, M.A.; Gómez, C.; Glez-Morcillo, C.; Vallejo, D.; Albusac, J.A.; Redondo, M.A . Propuesta y evolución multidimensional de una metáfora visual para facilitar el aprendizaje de la programación . XX Congreso Internacional de Interacción Persona-Ordenador (Interacción 2019), San Sebastián, País Vasco (Espańa). Premio Jesús Lorés al mejor artículo científico.